Know your Automobile’s Rights

Know your Car’s Rights
classic300The dentist and the auto mechanic, they are intimidating experiences. The dentist will poke you with sharp objects and the Mechanic will lift your baby into the air and tell you how much it will cost to get your life back on the road. When we take our car to the mechanic, we worry about whether or not we are going to be taken for a ride. Luckily, the State of California protects the consumer. So we do not need to know the difference between a timing belt and a timing chain. We can and should know the protections that we and our car have during the automotive repair process. Knowing and exercising these rights will go a long way to choosing an Auto Mechanic that you can trust and rely on.


reganRonald Reagan in 1971 signed the California Automotive Repair Act. This legislation aka The CAR Act provides protection for consumers getting service and repairs. Auto Repair facilities, that charge a fee for services and parts, are required to obtain a license and to be registered with the Bureau of Automotive Repair (B.A.R.). The act requires that a repair shop provide a specific level of transparency and guidance though out the an auto repair

Besides requiring licensed Automotive repair facilities to keep you informed, the CAR Act requires that no repairs be done without express approval. Additional protections regarding the purchase of auto parts are in place. You are required to receive written documentation that explains clearly, repairs and parts installed.

The B.A.R.
The CAR Act has improved the accountability of the Auto Repair Industry by requiring that all persons performing repairs for fee obtain a license and that a specific protocol be followed when dealing with a client. The goal is to reduce and ultimately end bad practices.

Every Automotive Repair Garage in the State of California is required to be registered with the B.A.R. That license is usually on display at any reputable mechanic. When not on display, the repair facility will supply one when any client requests.

Registration with the Bureau of Automotive repairs confirms that an automotive repair shop is in compliance with the CAR Act. B.A.R. tracts complaints and has the authority to penalize violators, when it is determined that a violation exists.

Buyer Be Wary

Unlicensed mechanics do exist. After all, we have a car culture and individuals that wish to perform repairs and modifications to an automobile for no fee have rights. While the current law requires that all professional repair shops be registered, there is no department that enforces enrollment. So remember while Cousin Benny is a trusted family member he is not obligated to perform your brake repair to any standards set by law.

Also with the increase of internet promotion, mobile mechanics and other non-brick and mortar sites are available and ready to provide service. These Auto repair services are still required to obtain a license, if service is to be performed for a fee. B.A.R. is trying to keep up with this market; still the responsibility of finding a registered automotive mechanic is up to you, the consumer. Law requires that any mechanic must display or present upon request their license. You can also check the License Number on the B.A.R. Website (link here). If you would like to read the comprehensive guide at

Here are the summarized points for review;
Customers must be advised during the repair process.
Mechanics are required to only perform authorized repairs.
All communication from the Repair Facility must be presented in writing.
All documentation, estimates, invoices or any other documents created for the repair process, must be presented to the client.

The A-Action Automotive Promise
At A-Action we adhere to all regulations and statutes of the California Automotive Repair Act. The A-Action Process includes keeping our customers informed above and beyond the laws and regulations overseen by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. A-Action is a locally family owned business. Returning business is our bread and butter. When you find your way to A-Action Automotive, you will understand we believe; “When we take care of the customer and their car, the business will take care of itself.”